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Teneka Lorde looks through the signed documents and then stares at her. He sits up.
”What is it?” Anikka asks wondering why he had that look on his face ”What? Did I make mistakes while signing or I shouldn’t have signed in a particular place?”
He shakes his head ”Not so, infact..I need to let you know the dire situation of what has just happened. I told you earlier that your father supposedly had enemies or feared he died. However, if that is true or just an imagination of an old man I do not know. But you must be prepared”
”For what?”
He smiles ”Your father was a powerful man without borders and restrictions and offices. Why? Because of his wealth and his service for humanity. It is understandable for everyone to want what he had for i am just saying that if he indeed had enemies, there would now be transferred to you”
She frowns ”Because I am my father’s heir and all that he has is now mine?”
”Yes” he nods.  He puts the documents back into his briefcase ”May I ask about security detail?”
”I do not have one, I didn’t think I would need one”
”You do”
”But..this is ridiculous!” she leans backwards ”I came here to bury my father because obviously that was his last wish to be buried here. I didn’t sign up for supposed faceless enemies and whatnot..not to even be responsible for his wealth and the weight that comes with it, this is too much”
”There is an option of ..allowing the government to take over and then pay you annually for the jobs done. But, which means that you would need to sign off power of attorney of all your father’s assets, companies, accounts everything to them. You would have an intermediary that would report to you on a daily but the daily workaround of what your father used to do would be done by them. Which means they do and would not need to ask your permission to make a decision or take a risk..but..the profits etc comes to you, but they get 68 percent of all they make.”

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