#FindingGodSeries -#STRY3- Finding God -Finale Chapter



You see, it didn’t make sense,i, Ijeke, the one they called Priest, had joined with others to rape a little girl years ago..no girl, no one who had gone through that should be able to forgive, no one should.

I was young, yes , but that was no justification. i was forced..but still, i didn’t stop when the need and urge overrided my thinking, my belief and my supposed faith. At a young age we must have destroyed her life, and i had a choice to walk but i didn’t. i continued, i became worse and it was bad because i was in the place of light and yet i was filled with darkness of sin.

And yet, here she was,years later, telling me she forgives me..me?
What manner of person was she, what manner of heart did she have to forgive someone ..the last person to ruin her, why?

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