Hello you beautiful amazing human in all shades and colour…how you doing, great? Lovely? Amazing? I betcha!!

Hi, i trust you had a great day today.

Do you require anytime from me today?

Is it about my stories? You want to know when an E-book would be available, when i would post the next chapter of a story, why i went AWOL or why i had that character you so love die, get strangled, fall inlove or out of love or why i didn’t give you mushy enough or what not or anything about anything really… i am open to all that and more, come on, ask mama, i would answer your questions.

You want to place adverts and would love to know how to go about it? Price ranges, how long your adverts would stay, the length and width of audience views, where you want you adverts to be and what you can advertise on my blog? Well step into my imaginary office then, take a seat, you want coffee, tea, snacks or a hug..i gatcha. Tell me what you want and i would make your dreams come through. Today i am your Genie or Jinie oh darn! You get it. Lol

Email :
Call: 081015487774

Or do you want to ask about Guest Submission entries and how to go about it? What you could send and not send and all that. Hit me up.

Membership registration? You want to talk about it baby? Having issues with registration, or not having issues. Want access to read contents..anything that has to do with membership? I gat you, hit me up to.

You want to talk about Itchyfingers, interview Her/It/Him..or pinch her fingers and take her/it/She out on an imaginary lunch or dinner? Aww, aren’t you sweet. I would send you a postcard or write you a sweet message. You want to interview me or feature me anyway? Baby hit me up.

Phew! Am i missing anything?

Look, hit me up for business and others (Anything that is cringe-worthy..please, don’t contact me. Thank you” details,? How silly of me..


PS: Your title of the mail should bear a hint of the body of the mail.

You can also call this number or send a whatsapp message 08101547774

See, Itchyfingers can be reachable to all.

You want to join Itchyfingers whatsapp group strictly for her story lovers…hit that number.

Love you guys,


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