May, 2018

#FindingGodSeries -#STRY3- Finding God -Finale Chapter


FINAL CHAPTERĀ  * You see, it didn’t make sense,i, Ijeke, the one they called Priest, had joined with others to rape a little girl…...

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#TheRoyals: Anna & Williams- CHP Nine


He was on the floor, holding his tummy and crying in pains.
They stood over him, laughing ''See how he cries like a little sissie'' they jeered at him
''Nah, a sissie would be better off, he cries like a whinny little chicken that he is, did i not say that Williams is naught but a chicken'' the bigger of the trio says to his friends.
''Aye, a chicken he is. Remember how he used to walk around like a lord because his brother, big Adrian was always there to protect him, where is big Adrian, properly home with his mama, being a good ol' lad about to be an apprentice in the lordship's way close to protect little Williams'' they laugh some more.
The bigger one bends and stares at the anguished bloodied face of Williams ''Next time, it is only good that when one who is most sensible, bigger and high in rank and all things importance asks that you do as bidded, you sure as hell do as, from here on will do as bidded, aye?'' he pokes Williams.
Silence as Williams held on to his tummy in pain.
''Aye?'' He repeats as he pokes Williams again, only harder, Williams groans in pain.
But he says nothing as he wipes his bloodied nose.
''Aye, it looks like he may require a repeat of his beatings, what say you Sir Big Bernice?'' his second says to him as he looks at Williams in anger ''He disrespects you even in his fallen state''
''Aye, he deserves more beating then, come, hold his legs apart while i smash my heel between his groins, that would teach him when the pains shoots through his head..maybe, would save the lasses in the future his despicable seed'' he spat.
The other two laughs nodding as they each grab unto Williams who is kicking and crying loudly. They struggle until they had him where they wanted.
Sir Big Bernice, who was nicknamed by his friends because of his height and size for his age smiled as he readied to kick Williams..
''Hold him tight, i intend to make a good loud pop'' he snickers as he makes his stance ''One, '' he positioned as he would in a bid to kick a ball..
''Two'' he repeats as his face curves into a menacing smile.
Williams is struggling , but the other two were stronger and bigger than he was too.
He was seven years old, they were ten years older than he was. They were the boys who always bullied him. This had been going on for two years since his brother graduated from the Westerly college for boys and was sent to sit in apprenticeship with the lordship, a thing Adrian had always wanted, saying that he wanted be so learned that he would be amongts the council of men to sit around the table and give council to the lords of the land and maybe to the King too. A thing he was to achieve years later.
''I would advice that you think for a moment..'' a voice speaks behind them.
In shock, Sir Big Bernice turns to find him standing behind them, anger in his eyes and another boy, much the age of Williams hiding behind him.
''And if i do not?''
Adrian looks at his bloodied brother and how his legs were held apart, he would hate to have imagined the pain Williams would have gone through if Big Bernice had smashed his heels to his manhood and popped his balls.
''Then i would only repay the intent you have on my brother. Let him go, both of you and apologize to him, also hand him back all that you have forcefully collected from him and tell him that from henceforth, neither of you three shall further harass him. Then i may forgive you your trespasses''
Sir Big Bernice laughs ''They would do no such thing, and i would have you know, my father would come after you if you much as lay a hand on me. I have solders at my beck and call, i would have you know that my father has recently be promoted to chief guard in the lordship's seventh do not speak to me as you would'' then he laughs again ''Forgive me my trespasses? They, the other boys may fear you but i do not. ''He spits on the floor. '' Just because your father is Duke Alan De Beaumont as is friends with the King you thing the King would give you lot preferential treatment, you forget we hold the ears of the king, my father and our province. Now, let us leave our families out of it will you? Look at your situation dear Adrian, and if you have no eyes, i would tell you. You would notice that we are three, and your brother Williams is less a fit animal to fight which leave only you and that rotten tomato behind you that may have alerted you to our intentions. Note, little scalawag, when we finish with Williams, we could come at you little scarecrow '' Sir Big Bernice points at he boy behind Adrian who hides his face, then he stares at the boy on the floor, his tiny heart breaks.
''Leave my friend alone, he never did do you anything!!!''
''Sure, when we are done. Break his legs'' Sir Big Bernice throws over his shoulders to his friends behind him who still held on to the crying boy.
Adrian steps closer pushing the boy behind him '' Let my brother go, i will not repeat my self''
''Kick him in the gullet first so Adrian here can hear the whines of his brother'' he says over his shoulders to one of them again ''Do it painfully, now!!"'
It was quick and painful, Williams cries out in pain.
Adrian saw red.. he had grabbed the one in front of him, knocking him down with a reflex so fast Sir Big Bernice didn't see it. He falls to the ground, with both hands covering his face and blood leaking through the space through his hands.
Then Adrian went for the third one, with a kick so heavy he knelt down gasping for air as he held his stomach in pains and then he got to last one. Whose hand was still holding unto the crying Williams and his attention divided between Sir Big Bernice on the floor and the other slouched over and gasping for hair and then to Adrian...surprise on his face and unable to think of anything fast to do.
Adrian did not let him, closing the distance between them he grabs his hand and then twists it backwards, the boy throws a punch, Adrian dodges it, grabbing the other hand and bending it backgrounds.
He screams and continuous to do so, falling to his knees. Releasing a hand, Adrian smashes his fist into his face twice and then punches the inside of his left arm hard and quick.
There was a crack sound, and then a wail as the boy held unto his broken hand screaming in excruciating pain. He kicks him away, stepping over him, then he rushes to his brother, tearing out his shirt, he puts it to Williams's bleeding nose, and then lifts him off the ground. ''Oh Willy boy, ssssh, i gat you brother, i gat you''
Then he stares back at the trio rolling in pains ''This is a warning, i pray you have a good sense to stay clear of my brother, today and always..and if i may as hear that you had cornered him again, there would be no story to tell..'' he says and turns away ''Come Theodore.'' he calls on to the boy who rushes after him.
''Oh look at my beautiful boy, pray tell me Adrian, what fight did he get into?'' She wipes his face for the fifth time with a towel soaked in warm water.
''Some un-mannered fellows, un-bred properly and loose canons which deserves more than they got'' Adrian says seated at the corner.

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