#The Royals : Anna & Williams – CHP Seventeen

Williams smiles at the horrified look on her face , ”So my Lady…”
”I will not, absolutely not!” she shrieks again, her eyes growing big
”Oh well, the choice is absolutely yours, there is freedom in choices my lady and you have rightly refused, there is no harm. Oh, i must be on my way, i pray the King to grant me an audience to relay such delicate matter as concerns life and death. Oh what shame would fill his eyes, i wonder what your mother the Queen would feel, oh dear Lord” he flutters his rather long lashes for a man.
She thins her lips, her eyes squinted, her fist folded, she hisses ”I rather you suggest something else as such that is beneath me” she managed, shaking in anger
”No..my Lady, that is first on my list and you would do everything tit to tat, i would not accept non other”
”If i may ask, what other devious things do you have listed?” she chokes
He smiles ”Patience my lady, Patience, they would come to light when you finish task one…”
”You are the devil himself!”
”No, the devil is not cunningly handsome as i am nor is he as wise, call me Wise Williams De Beaumont, a man who uses his head, now my Lady, hurry along now- i desire it be done what i have requested, and mind you, do not task your servants to do it- infact, i would make  a ruckus if you dare to. They are in dire need of a cleaning, it has been a while you see and i wonder the state of it”
A hot retort sits on her tongue,

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