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He stares down at the woman he bumped right into, catching her and holding her steady before she hits the ground. He stares down at her dark-screened eyes, she had on all black.
”I..i am sorry i didn’t see you” He says lifting her upwards and stepping away from her
”You should watch where you are going  okay, i would have landed hard on the floor” She adjusts herself and then stares back at him
”You didn’t, my reflexes are quite good. My apologies”
”That’s fine” She says walking away
He turns and stares at her briefly before turning and exiting the building. Entering his car  he looks at he passenger in his front seat ”You are going home  Kid” He says to the boy and then  zooms away.
”Yes Miss?” The lady dressed in a police uniform  nods.
”My name is Anikka Aviella Thomas George” She offers to the officer who is staring at her questionably.
”’How can i help you?”
”I would like to speak to the chief of police please”
”Why Ma’am, is there a problem i can help you with? If you want to file a report or report an incident i would just give you a form to fill out and then you wait over there. I would get to you”

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