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Hello Beautiful Human!!

Are you a writer, upcoming writer or already a known writer/Author and you would love to have your works featured on The Sweet Perspectives (TSP), a fast growing Literal Blog space for Fictional World of Stories. (And whatnot? Lol!”)

Do you want a platform that would help you showcase your writing skills as a upcoming writing to your audience or you already have a audience and you don’t mind branching out to an even wider audience?

Well Good news!!!


We are now open for ‘’Guest Submissions’’

NOTE: Guest Features/Submissions would be posted every Wednesdays, Thursdays  and Fridays (Freaky Fridays. Said, i said Freaky Fridays! Let’s drop it like it’s hot!!!)           


Categories and Guidelines :

Tell us all, we are listening!!

Fiction – Genres (Romantic/ Thriller/Mystery/Horror/Exotic)

Word counts (500 – 3000 per story.) No chapters. All stories submitted should be a full chapter “‘Beginning & End story,”” No continuation etc.)

Non-Fiction – Real Life Stories –

Word counts – (500- 3000 words word counts per story)

Christian stories – (Realistic Please) (Bible Verses are allowed . See example ..go to Christian stories on my blog) .. Yes, i don’t mind christian romance and others, bear in in the operational word ”Christian”

Word counts -(500 – 3000 per word counts (One chapter  (full) story.  No continuation)

Fantasy – Fantasy stories (Fiction)

Word Counts – 500- 3000 (One chapter full story. No continuation)

Articles – Inspirational/ Motivational  -500 -1000 word counts

Relationship talks -500- 1000 per words count

Exotic Fictions/ Contents: This would be posted Every Fridays (Freaky Fridays) (Hot/Steamy/ Mind blowing..Hot hot hot!! ) PS: Don’t give me cringe-worthy please, *Rolls eyes*…You read my stories, baby get creative, all fictional ..lets fall inlove biko..lets get really ”Damn!!”. Damn!!

Word counts -500- 3000 words counts per (full) story


Guest Submission would be free for All audiences.

Benefits!! Guest’s Authors would have access to restricted blog contents on TSP .

All submitted contents should be original work of writer. (We don’t accept nor promote plagiarism. That shit is intellectual Theft. Don’t let the devil Use you. We love original. We want to hear you take us on a wonderful journey that is all you.

Repeating for emphasis. *Straight face*

All stories/Articles should be original works of the Author/Writer (If the story is a previously published work, links should be dropped in order to direct traffic to your page/site etc as well. (We love to showcase your brand and bring the traffic to you too) Yes, we love you like that.!!

All stories must be properly edited/proofread and sent in Doc. (Itchyfingers is one busy It/He/She..she/it/he won’t have time to do that for you so please ensure to do that. Thank you, you are amazing. (

Edited Disclaimer :

Its a lie! Itchyfingers is lazy. I repeat Lazy. She got work..8-5 every day, she got her life, she got busy schedules. She got her writing. she literally cannot edit/proofread…so you better do it yourself! Don’t say i didn’t warn you. 

Signed ”Not Itchyfingers”

LOL. I hope you didn’t read that up there just now oh!!!

Where were we? Ah, serious matter, i was saying….continue reading below:

All stories must have this format for submission

” Title of story, word counts number clearly stated, Brief Bio of author, (Name /location/Occupation/hobby etc) , Include links to social media handles, blogs etc. This is to enable all due credits to be given to the author/writer.

All stories should be catchy, interesting and should have depth, a lesson etc.

Contents must not be political, promote violence or morally indicting, racism, pornography etc. (Nope, we don’t want none of that. We love sexy, we love freaky..we love no promoting bestiality or some cringe worthy pornography..thank you. Itchyfingers hates Politics. Don’t go there, We all all races..don’t hate. Don’t bully or make anyone feel like shit. You gone!!! Thank you

And most importantly ” You would have to drop a nice little review for Itchyfingers and her/it/his blog/stories on our facebook page and also at the end of your stories -(One line would do..we are not greedy.)

Interested to be a part of TSP Guest Features?

Oh wait, what you stand to gain?

Publicity, Brand awareness, traffic to your site/blog/page etc/ major audience to read your works (Within and outside Nigeria..(You don’t want to not feature here, this place is the ish mahn! No jokes. Did you see ”Fast rising Literal blog space for fiction stories and whatnot? Don’t dull”

Oh, no financial obligation, not for you though. And no we are not paying (Lol, possibly till when the stars align in our favour..we would have paid services for features..but not now but in the nearest future *Wide grin*

Oh must importantly – You (Yes if you are submitting a story/article etc) gets access to read atleast one of my ongoing story for free, or two, or all…who knows. Since we can’t pay can enjoy Itchyfingers stories for free, no sign up fee, free access..

You game?


Entries to be sent Only on Saturdays. (Yes this would enable me sieve through and schedule them for the various days as listed above)

How the entries are to be sent?

Send to Email:

Title of the email should be name of category you are entering for . Eg:

1 .Mail Title – ‘Fiction ”

2. Body of the mail:

”Your name, category -(Fiction), Story title-(Eg Rose) , Day you prefer your story to be up (Wednesday/Thursday or freaky friday), word count.

3. Attach your story/article/feature in a doc. 

Your attachment should have ”Title of story, word count, Your( story/feature) and then at the end Eg your ( ‘This story is written by ”(Your name) your bio and links to your page/handles/blog) and then Itchyfingers review”

4. Send

You would receive

Mail acknowledgement, access to your story when published, access to TSP blog and you can invite friends to read, share and retweet. That’s all.

You also need to encourage them to sign up and register to read TSP stories through membership registration. There is discount for referrals from you. (This can be created with your names)

That’s all.

Good, let the entries begin.,

And ofcourse, Itchyfingers would be posting her./It/His wonderful amazing stories every other let’s have fun shall we? Great.

See you soon..


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