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Anikka’s eyes shoots open.
It was a sound, like metal falling.
She lays in bed, trying to still her beating heart threatening to pop out of her chest.
She waits, wondering if it was a sound from her dreams.
Still dead silence.
She turns on her bed, facing the ceiling, trying to listen.
There was nothing  to indicate that she had heard what she heard. Sighing, she turns on her side and tries to go back to sleep.
It had taken him a couple of hours to track down where she is staying.
He had waited for Teneka Lorde at his residence, parked just across the street just when a taxi pulled up and then Teneka had alighted and disappeared into his house.
Teneka wasn’t exactly a hard man to find, he was a known lawyer, a successful one too. His place of residence wasn’t exactly top secret. Getting a card from his secretary lying about wanting the Lawyer to handle a rape case for him was easy, She was too trusty.

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