#The Royals :Anna & Williams- CHP Fifteen

Her screams were loud and piercing, Amerlye reaches the door and rushes into the room followed by Theodore,  Adrian and then some guards who feared that the Princess was in danger.
Annalisa has her mouth covered, fear in her eyes as she stood over him, shaking.
”Oh my God Amerly!!!” she chokes, her eyes filling with tears ”He…he…” she points at him.  They see that Williams had stopped moving, his eyes had turned yellow and had rolled upwards into his head. His mouth foamed, he laid there still.
Adrian rushes to him, raising his head up and placing it to his chest ”Brother, brother!!” he cried ”What did you do to him, what did you do to him?” he screams at her ”Pray, tell me what you have done to my brother, what have you done, tell me my lady, what have befallen my brother, why is he in this state, why does he not breath, my God, what have you done?” he cried staring at his brother who laid still in his arms.
”I did…I did nothing…I …it was just a ..i didn’t….oh God!” she cries backing away, Theodore grabs Williams by the cloths, he lays his head to his chest, placing his hands to his wrist and then trying to feel the pulse to his neck.
”He is alive, barely, get help, someone get help I pray thee!!” Theodore shouts  at no one in particular.

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