#TheRoyals: Anna & Williams – CHP Twelve

He turns away..
”And now, The Princess and her suitor would walk down the aisle to be presented to the family and then the people of Worcestershire for their approval, there after they would take the first dance to usher all others to the hall.” The royal announcer says, then he beckons to them ”My lady, Sir Duke…please” He nods.
Williams looks far ahead into the hall and then the crowds of people, he could see his mother, hands clasps together in delight, and then the men of De Beaumonts family; his father with pride and his brother Adrian… their happiness was evident.
He saw Theodore, who gives him a weak smile and then a thumbs up ”You can do this” He mouths to him, he has a lopsided grin on…
Sure, he can pretend, this  is easy is it not? He says to himself

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