Salim is staring out the window of his office, he is pensive.
”Sir?” someone calls behind him, he doesn’t turn.
He rubs his jaw ”What?’
”We’ve gone through all firewalls, broken down stuff bridges. Nothing. This guy is practically a saint”
”Jimmy is nothing of a saint. It does not make sense. If Steve found something then that means it’s there, it can’t just disappear into thin air”
”Well, if you believe this isn’t fabricated”
Salim turns to face the officer. ”I may not have really known Steve, but i hear he is one of the good like really good one, everyone spoke highly of him. I am made to believe he ghosted on the day of his death?”
The officer nods ”No one to his colleagues”
”That is the question we should be asking. The day before his death, what was he working on?”
The Officer frowns ”Told you already, he was working the Mayor’s son’s case before Gareth pulled him out”
”Said something about taking over”
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