In Too Deep Slippery Waters – CHP Eight

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It took well over three hours before they were done going round the company, getting introduced to the entire staff and then having a brief meeting with them.
”I would hope that you all would help me fit in nicely, yes?” She stares at their faces
”Ofcourse Ma’am”
”We would love to”
”Yes” they chorused.
”Thank you so much!” she says to them
”You can now all go back to your work station while i settle her in” Teneka smiles at them as the party disperses leaving just them standing alone.
Lucas takes a look around, marveling at the size of the place ”From the outside you can’t even imagine the size of this place, its deceptive”
Teneka smiles ”Well, this is because it is out here, have you seen the other branch outside Crescent Hills?”
”There are more of this?”
Teneka laughs ”Do you even know who the  hell Benjamin Thomas George was?”
Lucas smiles ”Only in brief passing , that’s because my colleagues wouldn’t shut up about him and stuff”
”Well, he has a few branches scattered about, some manned by some of the board members in there..which Ms. Anikka has to go take a look too”
”Oh! i thought when she said she was going to do an audit on them, i figured it was in this place”

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