The impact was hard, throwing the other car away as it skirts off the road, tumbling and then making an impact hitting the tree.
The car Lucas is in is damaged from the front, the glass had shattered as the car rolls to a stop as he continuously pressed hard on the brakes to stop it from hitting the car again head on.
Coughing and trying to see, feeling beads of sweat pouring down his face, he tried to open the door, it was jammed, he shifts himself to the other side of the cat passenger car and then jams the door with his leg untill it gave way opening. He struggled down, holding on to the car for support as he shakes the pain away from his head realizing that he had hit his head to the wheel when he jammed right into the car. Using his hand to dab away the sweat from his eyes he stares at it to realize that it is blood, not sweat. Cursing, he wipes it off, cleaning his hand to his white shirt and then runs to the other car, cursing even more.
Bending, scrubbing his knee to the earth he peeks in so see her, Anikka, floored to the roof of the car. He prays the impact didn’t kill her. His eyes darts to the man, he was bleeding from his head, he was’t moving.
Lucas forces the door open, he reaches in and then pulls her out, cursing when he realized that she wasn’t breathing and then seeing her cloths stained with blood.
He reaches for this phone in his pocket, dialing  ”Hello, hello?” he screams as someone picks
”911, what’s your emergency?” A husky voice replied, Lucas swallows, he closes his eyes briefly to let the pain in his head subside.
‘ it’s an emergency, i have a woman here who has been hurt and isn’t breathing, i need an ambulance quick, she needs to go to the hospital if not she is will die”
”Location please?”

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