The old grandfather’s clock clicks, hitting the bell dangling within as the alarm blares loudly…

The birds began to chirp a beautiful melody, the cocks crows ”Cuckuroooo”. The wind claps loudly as the doors swings on it’s hinges. Even the sun smiles brightly, seeping into the room, dancing shyly behind the curtains and then kissing her eyelids .

Bridget’s eyes shoots open.

For a second she stares at nothing in particular, she just stared, and then stared. Then slowly her lips curves into a smile, her eyes wrinkles as her smile broadens, then she slowly and then quickly covers her eyes with both her hands, and then her mouth with one hand, and then simultaneously, she kicked her legs upwards, and then screamed into her hands as loud as she could, squealing in helpless delight.

Footsteps are heard, soon her room door is burst open and then a dark haired girl runs in and then throws herself on the bed and then laughed ”Oh you silly silly girl” she pulled at her hands but Bridget refuses to be stopped.

She laughed and squealed and then kicked and then screamed some more.

More footsteps are heard, more ladies rush into the room and then fling themselves on the bed causing  the spring to cry out loudly. They end up giggling at her silliness even more.

Bridget releases her face and then sits up, her eyes sparkled, her face waned from the smile that had refused to disappear. She stares at them, and then flings herself over them and then laughed ”I cannot believe that the day has finally  come. I cannot believe that i would be….oh my goodness! My heart beats so fast that i can hardly tame it..here…feel my heart beat so…” she pulls at any hand in random and then takes it to between folds of her bosom, between them she places the hand of one of the girls ”Do you feel the thum-thum sound of my rapid beating heart?”

The girl nods her head quickly smiling ”Oh it feels as though it is about to burst” she laughs, they all laugh.

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