#The Royals: Chapter Twenty

”Williams! Williams!” Theodore who is walking behind him call his names ”Do not be in a haste to walk so casually without fear, you have no idea why the Queen requests for your presence in such an abrupt manner”
”Does it matter so? She calls and i am to answer” he kept walking
”But Williams, i have a feeling that it is something of dire consequences, did you not see how the guard looked? He had no smiles as though his face were made from steel, surely you must be careful, maybe you have offended her so”
”With what? The only person i know that hates me as much as i do her is the spoilt lady the Princess, other than that i do not believe the Queen wishes to see my head on a spike ..unless i did threaten her, which i haven’t so stop putting the fear of God in me..she might desire to seek some knowledge on something ”
”If you say so, speaking of, what if your lady the Princess has done something? You do know that she derives joy in ensuring you get the fire on your little bottom” Theodore chuckles

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