#TheRoyas: Anna & Williams – CHP Thirteen

Williams saw the look on her face as he lets her go, he heard her gasp and saw the look in her eyes when his hands left her.
He heard them too, in his mind’s eyes without looking at them he could see the look of surprises on their faces.
It was just a quarter of a second. She was falling to the floor, her hands stretched out but not holding him.
It was a split second now. His legs were under her, bent already under her for support, but she didn’t know that.
She hits it first,rolling down. He raises his legs up, nudging her upwards towards him and then grabbing her hand, he pulls her up to him as effortlessly as a skilled dancer would, placing her closer to his chest and then looking at her.
There were fear in them, for now. Maybe it would be replaced with anger..he would not doubt that. He thought to himself.

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