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The constant buzzing of his phone by his bed side woke him up. Adam reaches for his phone, his eyes loosely open, he answers.
”Adam?” came the voice
”Lita?” He calls out ”Are you okay?”
”No!” she sniffs
He seats up, his eyes shooting open, he reaches for the switch and then turns on the light ”Whats wrong?”
”Last night while i went to book flights for our travel back to town today, i was almost kidnapped. My neighbor alerted the police, i didn’t see their face”
”What?”he jumps up.
”And, that’s not all, i came home today, someone has trashed our place, Steve’s computer, everything. It’s supposed to look like a robbery but..nothing seem to be stolen.”
Adam is folding his fist ”I told you to stay out of town Lita, till all this blows over, why are you back in town?”
She sniffs, her voice thick with emotion ”How can i not bury my husband Adam? How! And you know the worst part, they are branding him a rogue cop? He was a good man Adam, a good man” she cries ”My baby is going to be born and he is already going to be known as a son to a criminal..he was a good man, he was Adam!” she cried
His heart pulled at her cries ”It’s okay Lita”
”The service is by 12, just family but i am scared Adam”
”I would be there, don’t worry. Don’t stay at home, i would send someone to get you in a safe hotel for you and your family, after the service, first flight out, you understand? I was not able to protect Steve, least i can do is keep his family alive”
The line dies.

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