#TheRoyals: Anna & Williams – CHP Sixteen

Williams suddenly feels better, as soon as the bile of vomit left his system.
”Oh my God!” Annalisa exclaims again, staring down at herself, her mouth open as the liquid drips from her half-closed eyes and face to her cloths and then to the growth.
She chokes, feeling her own vomit rising from within her tummy, she jerks, choking again, and then coughing…
She felt like puking as well, then she felt like crying and then she felt like..felt like –
”Amerlyl!!!!!!” her scream vibrated through the walls as she cried out.
The doors bursts open again, this time Amerlye comes rushing in, her eyes drowsy, she stops at the foot of the door and then covers her mouth at the sight.
”My Lady!” she gasps running to her, behind her two guards rush into the room as well.
”Your highness!” Seeing that she was in no danger of physical harm, other than being bodied with vomit from the bile of a man’s throat, they stay back.

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