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”Who are you?” Anikka backs away from him as the man walks closer to her
”Do not be scared sweet child” Abetta says
”I should not be scared? You drugged me, and I see two men who look like nothing other than angry men about to devour me and you said I should not be scared” she backs away until she reaches the wall, the man walks to her.
”I will scream, I will if you touch me” she says, her heart in her mouth, she was shaking.
”I will not harm you, none of us will.” The man says
” We would not harm you, I swear it on your father’s grave.” She takes her neck chain and then  kisses it.
”Get away from me then” she whispers in fear
The man smiles and steps away ”My apologies, Mama..” he turns to Abetta ”I am hungry”
She nods.
Anikka scoffs ”Mama” she turns to Abetta ”So your family kidnaps me? I will inform the police and you all would rot in jail” She points to them, but her voice shakes, so did her hand.

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