#The Royals: Anna & Williams – Chp Nineteen

”My lady!” Sissie shrieks running after them, Annalisa ignores her as she and Philip walk ahead, he was all smiles as he whispered inaudible words into her ears, she giggles loudly.
”I-..did you…i mean, oh my word ” Williams stutters
”I cannot believe the Princess would do such a thing and even openly, dear Willy-boy, it is save to say that my Lady has stated that she is not to be your bride, in pretense and in actual facts” Theodore shakes his head as he stares at their retreating back ”Oh that fool fellow needs to be taught a lesson and if she were one you really did fancy, i would take up the mantle to be his teacher and ensure that he never repeats this nonsense again, but my God, with no shame, she did kiss him in our very before, does she not realize that even the trees have eyes and that the servants be lurking in at every turn? Forgive my curiosity but is this game you both are playing not supposed to be believable and yet, she so did recklessly trashed it away, does she not know that this single behavior would ensure to force your families hands and make sure you both be married even within the hour? Oh my word and-” Theodore is talking

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