#The Royals: Anna & Williams – CHP Eighteen

Theodore looks away for  moment, wondering how far he and Williams can run before they are caught. He concluded that they would not make it far enough before they would be grabbed by the guards and stripped to nothing but their bare bottom and flogged with spiked ropes, before they would be paraded around the palace and made a public spectacle and then, the King would have their heads and then stand it at the entrance of the palace for future fools who would dare allow his daughter to be treated so.
Theodore swallows,
 Surely he should say his last prayers but..oh, he would miss his Mama and Papa, his women…oh and to think he and Lili ,  a maid in De Beaumont’s court had just had a wonderful time in the De Beaumont’s kitchen, how he longs to slip himself between her thighs again and hear her moan in ecstasy. Oh, he is too young to die, there are so many women he hasn’t kissed and touched and….

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