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Alexander woke up with a start as she screams  ”Jaime!!’ as she sat up almost immediately.
Her eyes opening in fear, her hands shaking and her heart about to burst. She stares at the bed and then the room, her father wasn’t laughing down at her nor was she tied and naked on the bed. She stares at the door, her heart in her mouth.
But it stared back at her, bare. There was no Jaime, nor was there blood making a pool to the bed.
She lets out a small sob as she closes her mouth, her eyes were wet, her body shaking . ”It was a dream!!!” she breaths. ”It was just a dream” she cried into her hands. ”But it felt real, so real! But it is a dream – it” she trails off noticing something was wrong.
Where is Jaime? Why is the bed empty..where..Oh God!!!
Then she jumps up from the bed ”Jaime?” and pads to the door, with one swing she pulls it up and then rushes downstairs screaming his name..
”Jaime!!!” JAIME!!!!!”
”Alexander, what’s wrong?” Tinny-B rushes out of the opposite room, sighting the hysterical Alexander she flies down the stairs and then grabs her ”Alexander what’s wrong?” fear fills her voice, she had never seen her friend this way before ”Baby talk to me, what’s wrong?”
”Jaime!” she choked ”Jaime, where is Jaime -He ..” she turns around ”JAIME!!!!!!!”
Another door flies open , Adam rushes out, a gun in hand where nothing but his brief , He walks briefly to her , Alert as his eyes scans the area, Tinny-B is trying to calm her down ”Alexander, calm down, what is it?”
”JAIME!” She screams

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