I was in service today and one of the things the pastor spoke about was ” Passion for your Talents” (Amongst other things)  and I have come to realise that .. the gifts/talents God has given us, most of us don’t use it to its full potential. 
We know we can sing, write, make magic with our hands (by magic I mean building something out of nothing just because you like to mold, carve,  draw , sculpt, even write etc) we are too laid back that you assume ehen, people know I can do this so they are supposed to acknowledge me. NO!! 
We tend to relax and say, yes I know in future I want to be this and that but we actually refuse to take certain steps to get there. You envy the lifestyle of people but you don’t want to know the work they put into their past and present to be able to live out their future in bliss. You want to be the next Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Chimamanda or J.k Rowlings yet you forget to sell yourself. Yes, sell yourself. Put in the work.
 Success will not come to a lazy man , even the bible says a little sleep a little slumber and poverty will come to you like an armed man.
You want to be the person you see and admire on Tv, in the magazine or anywhere else you admiration stretches to?  why don’t you seek mentorship.. 
Pastor said something that by agreeing to be mentored , you are granting yourself the ability (in essence) to be a able to peep into your future. 
I will explain. 
Assume you want to be the next Linda  Ikeji/Mark Zuckerberg / erm..(someone who is making it big in the social media platform/blogging ) and you seek to be a mentee  under them. 
What you are simply doing is saying that see, I like what I see when I look at you and what you have achieved and where you are now.
I like the cars and mansion , i like when they talk about certain things your name is the top of the list and there is no contending…infact , in summary, i love the wealth attached to your name. Yes. 
Now I know i want to get there but I don’t know how, so I am here today because I need you to not only show show me how you did it, I need you to teach me not only how to be like you but help me to be better at becoming me when I become like you. (In a sense)
You are saying, I know you must have put in the hard work, long hours,  had challenges, even burnt bridges and lost family and friends along the way because you wanted to be focus on the passion of what you love and you have scaled through and now you are here.
Teach me, I want to learn before I want to lead.
Show me, help me apply not what you have done , help me to practicalize it.
Help me.to be like you and I will become better at being like me.
Those secret ingredients that made you two steps higher or gave you that edge over others that started before you but are way behind you now?… help me mix it to the right proportions so that mine too can be something beautiful when the end product comes out.
Point is,  you become humble and kill that pride you have within you. Because if you want to learn you have to put aside what you think you know and get their recipes to their greatness and when you have learnt, absorbed and be wellgrounded in all of it.  Then you can begin to churn out in great proportions. 
You can give what you don’t have. You first have to apply all that you have been taught before you are able to give out.
While you are learning under them, you are building you up. 
Which means your skills,  your passion for your gifts, your talents you are multiplying it.
And by the time you are done..you take what you have learnt ,you add it with what you knew before and what you have brushed up to knowing now and in perfect summation you equal it into that which you desire to become and see it working out for you.
See, even the disciples of Jesus had to sit at his feet to learn to be taught.
They didn’t say how can this person who is a mere carpenter’s son be able to teach us and lead us and say he is our Lord. , No!
They knew they wanted to be like Jesus, all the things He said and did was too glorious not to tap into the Realm of greatness that he was. Yes,He is the I Am,all powerful,  all glorious,all him. A God all by himself and even despite not knowing for sure if he spoke the truth ,they followed because there was just something about the man Jesus that piqued their interest that learning at his feet to become like him was much more important and by the time He was no longer with them physically. .they became the physical nature of Jesus Christ.
There is a reason why christain  means “Christ-like”
Jesus, Son of God, savior, king and all..Supreme and glorious divine…should be in the heavens as it is his right,but yet ,in the clothing of human and compassion in his heart he came down, taking unpon all that we are, living through it and teaching us that..As a leader,as someone great you must first serve..
He washed the feets of them all.
Service is paramount and it should be emphasised .
Now back to it, ..
There are certain rules and regulations of being great and one of them is also just doing it. Do that thing you think is tatamount to your greatness..
That right thing. (Don’t get it twisted😅!)
I know the times are hard, finances are done and all that.
But do you sit on your buttom and keep telling yourself…don’t worry,I have the ideas and dreams in my head and whenever I am ready for it I will go and do it.No one knows what is in my mind. God has deposited it into me and me alone.
You have no idea that people may aso have the same ideas you think you only have. Abi do you think that you are the only one God has blessed with gifts and talents. God blessed his children,deposits talents and gifts to them. 
We are all his children are we not? We all pray to God don’t we? And He answers us all doesn’t he?
Ehen! !!
It is the ones who take these gifts,talent sand multiplies them instead of being among the foolish servant,  that that man in the bible (forgotten that passage sef😅 dont judge me) …Ehen! their master had given talents and he took it and buried it and when his master came and asked what he did with it he called his master wicked and returned it.
Not realising that he was the one being his own downfall and his talent was taken and given to another who made something more of what was given to him. 
Point. Only those who make use of their talents and gifts will be celebrated. 
Not those who sit and wait and hope that magic would happen. 
Come on, this is the real world..things just don’t happen.
Yes, prayer works miracles but even the bible says faith without works is dead.
Prayer is faith and faith needs works.
So, you want to lead, why don’t you learn to serve first, you want to succeed,why don’t you ask them to teach you their secrets instead of waiting to get their gifts ,why don’t you seek for the fruits and put in the work to get to the top.. 
People didn’t wake up one morning and became great, they went through the process of building themselves,their desire and working on their passion, and being the best they are that you , me , everyone admires.
 Don’t say you can’t do it or be better than them, No!!
 God has given you the ability and blessings and grace to be great, but just like stairs there are progressive measures you need to put in place to get there.
 Harness your gifts, build on your talents, let your passion be the driving force to get you to that desired destination you want.
Just do it!! 
Stop procrastinating about days unending, get up,get to work. Build,  harness,be skilled. Sell yourself and your product. , invest in it, grab opportunities,  the bible says whatever you find your hands to do,do it well. 
And how do you become great?
Just Do it. Become great.😅
How do you do it?
Find those precesses,those stepping stones,those secret ingredients to greatness. 
Read, research,seek mentorship, serve, be humble, be honest, learn, invest,  build your passion, plan, put in the sacrifice,take the risks,start something (doesn’t matter if you start small..just do it).
Don’t just see your future..
Lay the block of foundation to climb to your place of rest.
Your passion for something  will get you there (to the top) faster than you need.(of..Ehen,  I need to be this or that.. and yet you lack the patience to get the ball rolling. )
How about you build on it.
There are no short cuts in life baby, but whatever cuts you take..you do need to start moving.
But make sure the paths you take is the right one..
Because at the end of the day and whatever destination you arrive, you are responsible for you.
Just do it .
Harness your gifts.
Work on your passion and increase on your talents 
Build on your skills and if you have none ..acquire one…wether it is talking skills, hands skills, whatever skills…build on it.
Those inherent things you possess, sell yourself/your poduct /your brand.
Be your own broadcaster.
Seek mentorship 
Do researches /read /apply 
Serve .
Be honest.
Be humble..
And when you are done gathering the dust of knowledge. ..
Like an eagle..spread your wings and fly.
Just do it.
Just SOAR !!!
~Stephanie Egberike. 😗

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