”You never know how much you love something, until it is ripped from you. You never can understand how the pain can rise up, curling from your toes and tearing your heart out till you beg it to end you. You never know how strong you are until you are pushed to the really never know what you are capable off, until you are faced with the demon who made you who you are..until then…you live and try to survive ……and continue to relieve the pain so you don’t forget’ – You have to remember it all, because you would need it when it’s time. 

—Stephanie Egberike , (ItchyFingers) 

Sept. 2018, 1:03 AM, Nigeria, Africa


Sunday, 6:15 am.
Mornings were beautiful; the sun rays seeping into the room, the way it dances on the wall to give off shadows of unnamed faceless features. 
She smiled stretching on her bed and opening her eyes wide.
She loved beautiful mornings like this, when she gets to wake up to her family. 
She turns on her side to notice the bed was empty.
She groans.
Mornings like this meant that she would wake up alone on the warm bed recently vacated by her amazing husband.
She touches her cheeks, smiling, remembering she had felt his lips brushing against her cheeks as he whispered into her ears ”Going for a run babe, don’t miss me too much”, and he knew, that sneaky man knew just how she would miss him. Twelve years together and he still made her heart skip in her chest.
She covers her face with her arms, laughed in it and then got up.
Mornings like this, were special to her because she gets to tend to her home; prepare breakfast and then get her baby ready for school. Speaking of her special moments, her daughter was the most beautiful part of it. 

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