It was the slicing pain to her head that woke her up. It numbs her for a fraction of second as she tried to  make sense of the pain and where it was coming from.

It was her head, the pain was coming from her head.

No, her body! Her entire body felt like she was hit by a truck.

She grimaces in more pain as she tried to open her eyes and get up at thesame time.

She felt hands and a voice stopping her,

”No please, stay Ma’am, you need to rest”

She didn’t know that voice, she jolts up causing the pain to sear through her again

Strong arms pull her down ”Relax Ms. Aviella, you are fine, you are okay”

There were two people in the room, voices she didn’t know and hadn’t heard before, she opens her eyes.

”Who are you?” she whispers in fear as the pain cuts through her again, she held her head, then another pain tears at her limp, she groans

”Get her some pain killers” The man who is hovering over her says

”Who are you, what happened to me?” she asks them, realizing that the person he spoke to wore a nurses’s uniform and the man who spoke had on a suit, his looks were warm as he stared down at her.

”My name is Dr. Lester Kirk, and as to what happened to you, what last did you remember?” he stands up turning on a pocket touch and then shining it into her eyes ”Relax Ms. Aviella-”


”Ms. Anikka, what do you remember?”

She frowns trying to remember as she looks around, if he were a doctor and she was apparently a nurse, what the hell happened to her? she looks across him to see a mirror facing her, in shock she realized that what she felt hugging her head was a bandage and then her left shoulder felt heavy as well as…

”What happened to my cloths?” she shrieked

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