The beeping sound of theĀ  hospital monitor close to her beds stirred her awake.

At first, she heard it as a faint sound far away, soon it became a throbbing pain as the sound increased and seemed closer. It made her head hurt.

She opens her eyes, slowly, blinking away the brightness and trying to adjust her eyes to her environs. She didn’t feel as though she was home.

She heard voices. People were talking over her, hovering above her. She blinks, closing and then opening her eyes. She saw the shadows of a few people, they were whispering. She heard them moving about.

She swallows, her throat felt patched. She licks her lips, it hurts.

”Water!” she whispers

”Oh my God , she is awake, thank God! Bianca, tell the doctor she is awake, can someone get water?” she heard someone speak, it sounded like her mother. She heard feet scurry away. Someone must have ran out. She swallows again and winces from the pain to her patched throat.

She needed water. She felt sore.

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