In Too Deep Slippery Waters – CHP Eleven

She bumped right into him in the misty bathroom ”Ohmp!” she exclaims hitting him and staggering back almost falling, he reaches out and then catches her just in time stopping her from falling.
He frowns staring down at bare, bare chested , with nothing but his brief on, the toilet was still heated, the mist slowly clears down, she stares up at him and then pushes herself away from his arm, groaning slightly to her injurious. He releases her
”What the hell?” he repeats as he steps away top open the window to let the cold air in ”What the hell Anikka?”
”What do you mean what the hell?” Confused she could clearly see that he was half naked, his briefs were too fitted to his low region , she could make out … she blinks and then turns away, frowning at how obvious it looked. He was coming back to her, his arm going at akimbo as he stops infront of her ”How the hell is it that you showered, with extremely steamy hot water and you didn’t think to open the windows so the mist clear. Also…also….” he points to the floor, she follows his hand ”Wet, you would have tripped barging in here” and he shakes his head ”And this is a bathroom for shit’s sake and i am in here, why the hell would you just run in here just because?” he snapped.
She blinks, ”First off, it was cold and i had hot water”

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