The Liebster Award!!!!

“I have never trully believed that am a lesser person.
I believe that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way.
It’s okay to be a little different.
It’s okay to be a lil weird..
But that’s just you.
And you are different..unique and beautiful and that’s okay.
It’s okay to be you..
And that’s all that matters.
And it’s enough to be enough..
I know perhaps at some point in your life you have felt that you were not enough..or people told you so…
The problem wasn’t that you weren’t enough…
The truth was/is that…you were/ over qualified.
So don’t even think less of yourself and let people trample over you.
Be yourself.  Be you. .and above all…
Wear a smile and shine.
The world is big enough for everyone to shine. .so pick your center stage and shine…””
And…unto the crux of the matter…
First off…
An official “Yay!!!” Is in order ofcourse…*squeals*
So excited. …
Amma tell you in a jiffy. ..
Hello luvlies!!!
I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the amazing  “Theresa_jane”.. The owner of this blog..and link..
 she is an inspiring, creative, witty and enjoyable writer. The blog features quotes, positive vibes, encouragement and informative insights that I bet you don’t want to miss or pass up. I implore you to please check it out and enjoy her blog. You will admit with me that you won’t be disappointed.
Thank me later.
What is the Liebster Award??
The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers to recognize their work and effort and to help new bloggers like me to feel welcomed and be discovered.
Kool huh??
I was really surprised and glad to be nominated for this award and I am equally excited to participate.  I am still trying to be as good as everyone out there and I hope my writing isn’t too amateur but writing is something I love doing.. it gives me the happiness I need and it’s also my escape haven where I go to freely express myself without hindrances and limitations , so this nomination is a very good chance for me to reach out to my fellow bloggers and also have my work discovered as well. .
So…This me me officially accepting the Liebster Award nomination humbly ..and with a grateful heart I say…
“Thank you Theresa_jane”!!!
for this opportunity you have given me and also for appreciating my work enough to appreciate it, like it and also nominated it for the Liebster Award and also for giving me the chance and platform to be able  to share a part of myself  to everyone who reads this and an insight into my creative mind..
Trully it’s a world of its own..and I hope you do drop all your inhibitions at the door and venture in…
Don’t worry…I don’t mind..and I surely don’t bite…lol…much much thanks to you again. You are awesome.
Oh..least i forget;
Rules for the nominees:
1. Make sure to thank the blogger who nominated you and link him/her on your post. (Check☆)
2. Show the Liebster Award on your post. (Check☆)
3. Answer the 10 questions you are being asked and then create your own list of 10 questions.( Pending)
4. Nominate other bloggers and make sure to notify them.(in abit)
* Drum beats here please*(wide grin….)
“I did say I was excited didnt I? ?..Lols. .
My nominees for the Liebster Award are:
A simple Life
Now. ..
Theresa_jane 10 questions…
“Some questions she would like to find out about me:”
1.Describe yourself using 3 adjectives.
A. Awesome B. Quiet C. Introvert
2.What scares you the most?
3.What makes you happy?
– Being loved in return
4.What motivates you to continue blogging?
– One day my work would be internationally recognised..and appreciated ..maybe some works even published one day. Who knows..*dreamly*
5.What do you think about cyber bullying?
– I think it’s wrong and should be stopped. Someone saying or posting something about a particular person or persons or group of persons or and establishment over the Internet with pictures,  text etc gives others the opportunity to help to defame the person even more. And what if they have the wrong idea ..or its false or its just bad blood..but the damage to the person is already done. Reputation ruined. It’s embarrassing and humiliating and can disorient the party involved. I believe whatever issues you have with another should be dealt with maturely and not over the cyber/social room for more damage to be done. It’s plainly wrong and those who indulge are equally childish. My opinion though.  *shrugs*
6.Can a man and a woman be best of friends without falling in love with each other?
-it depends.
I have two answers to this.
Yes a man and a woman can be best of friends and without falling inlove with each other.
But there is also a tendency they can be best of friends and end up falling inlove with each other…
Instances like…
The guy is handsome or just ok looking.. (sometimes it isn’t about his physical looks) , he is caring, got a beautiful heart..and the absolute best man aside your dad maybe and your brothers. .
And the girl is equally attractive (again not about looks) and down to earth. Good companion and a great friend. She is someone that when you wake up and go to sleep you always want her around. The first person that knows what’s up with you. You both share you happiness and sadness. You both get and understand each other. You both know your weaknesses and strenght.  You are her and she is you.
You both spend all the time together. Do things together..tell each other your secrets …you both already like each other as friends..
You guys most definitely love each other as friends..
There is also a tendency that you are inlove with each other because of these closeness and likeness you feel towards each other..without even really knowing
But in cases like these. .you both might value the friendship too much to want to ruin it by dating…so pretense and hoarded feelings come to hide your feelings from the other and act like you are okay…she/he means nothing to you other than being your best friend.
But how you  know you love your best friend…is If you feel completely heartwrenching jealous when you see him or her making out with he/her significant lover. *deep sigh*
7.If you had to give your child/future child advice about life, what advice would you give?
-live life to the fullest. Life is too short for regrets . Love, forgive, share. And above all..Love God. Be you..and never forget to be the best at what you want to be. Forget the short cuts of life. Hard work pays. Work hard so in the future you don’t have to introduce yourself.  Be someone that should be remembered for your goodwill not for your vanities.
8.Do you think a college degree is necessary to become successful?
-No I don’t think so.
Lots of people ..home and abroad had made it without it. It’s necessary to have a college degree. It’s good to be educated . But if life is so hard and you didn’t get a chance to. Do not fret. It’s not the end…work hard. .you may end up being someone important one day that people would come look for you and  it won’t be because you graduated from harvard. ..God made everyone different and each and everyone is unique in their own you would be great..believe…work hard. Put your mind into it…Miracles do happen.
9.Which would you prefer to have, a relationship with an older partner or with a younger one?
– Er…I would prefer to have a relationship with an older partner..
Note that…I do not believe maturity comes with age. A younger person can be more mature than the other person. .or vice verse.
I just would rather have the older partner..its just more comfortable to me. And for older…between 1-4years older..Please …anymore and I will feel you like my uncle or something. Lol
10.Are white lies okay?
– A lie is a lie.
There isn’t a white lie or a black lie.
No !!!a white lie isn’t okay.
Famous quote from one of my fav an equally fav cute actor..
Will Smith. .
“Don’t lie..
But if you must lie..
Lie in the arms of the one you love!!”..
(I think it goes something like that…lol)..
*hmmm rubs hands together..) goes  my ten questions people…
1. What is love?
2. If you are alone in an island…what are the three things you would want to have with you. ?
3. Tell me something that no one knows about you… lying now.
4. Tell me your three bad habits you wish to break/stop
5. What are the 5 first things you would do if you are president of your country..And please mention which country you are from.
6. Have you done anything bad to someone you love? What did you do to redeem yourself and rectify the situation..
7. Who is your mentor ?
8. Which celebrity do you have a mad crush on?
9.Do you believe in God? And why
10.  What were the wishes you had as a child when growing up…did anyone come true?If yes.. And which..?
Looking forward to reading your post luvlies..
And this is #Sweetness signing out.
Thank you theresa_jane again..
And for everyone…
Sweetness got nothing but love for you..♡♡♡
Hope ya’all have a good day…kisses!!!

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    • Thank you thank you viewpoints. It’s so heartwarming to have people stop by and read your work and appreciate it enough to get it nominated for something..anything..and much award…just to be nominated is really exciting..and I appreciate it and yes am so so excited. Lol . Thank you viewpoints..

  • Nice intro. I noticed the quotes around it. You wrote it?
    1. I’m quiet and introverted too. I guess I could be awesome?
    6. I love what you said about valuing the friendship too much to date. I also think sex amongst friends ruins stuff because one person will be attached.
    7. What did you mean by work hard in the future so you don’t have to introduce yourself? You mean if you are famous that an intro is already handled because of media?
    And I will try to answer your questions in some way to show I am grateful and appreciate the nod. 🙃

    • “I have never trully believed that am a lesser person.
      I believe that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way.
      It’s okay to be a little different.
      It’s okay to be a lil weird..
      But that’s just you.
      And you are different..unique and beautiful and that’s okay.
      It’s okay to be you..
      And that’s all that matters.
      And it’s enough to be enough..”
      “So don’t even think less of yourself and let people trample over you.
      Be yourself. Be you. .and above all…
      Wear a smile and shine.
      The world is big enough for everyone to shine. .so pick your center stage and shine…””
      Xoxox#Sweetness…. (yes I quoted this ones ). ..haha..being awesome is something different from quiet n an introvert…I think it has to do with…Being unique, kool and being your own iono..someone wonderful different from what the world defines opinion tho. Yes..Indeed, it ruins everything and makes it awkward afterwards ..esp if someone wants an out because it’s not what they expected it to be. In a away yes…you don’t need to be telling everyone about doesn’t matter wether you made money and fame from being a high tech scientist or inventing spoon that feeds you on its own..point is. .people …would talk about you..the media would spread the news and you won’t even be doing a know that saying…”your reputation proceeds you”…it works…good or bad…it would speak for itself. Lols am waiting to read it. Lol

      • Speaking of waiting to read something, I want to switch roles now. I want you to give me a opening/closing sentence or a concept. I will build something with it. Now I definitely won’t write it as fast your posts because I like to take my time. It took me 2 days to write my Chocolate Heart post. So don’t be alarmed if I can’t write your prompt in 10 minutes lol

          • Okay!! Sure… let’s go with a short story shall we.. here goes..
            “I stood at the entrance of the building…it was a glass house…and all its reflections was of me…not of the present alone..but me in different stages and phases of my life…the begining. .The present and the end…I saw it all..The hehe past and flash forwards of me…now I trully understand what each means…what I am…what I am to do…my life may have ended…but it also just begun….”…..
            Ohhh and so excited…I can’t wait the wait to see how this turns out…

          • Hahahaha…Take your time good sir. Ama check on you after the concert. .it would be in a few hours so by then hopefully I see magic. Winks..

          • The difficulty lies in it already being a complete concept. So I’m trying to take bits and build something anew. I don’t wanna ask for another prompt because that would mean I’m giving up. In the meantime I did add your blog to my right sidebar along with 11 others. 🤗

          • I see. And I thought I was giving you something easy. Lol. My bad. Just try…well if you want another I can give you. N Mayb I use it instead? Aww thank you. Oh goody!! *claps * thank you.

          • I have a haunted/spooky mirror idea. I may run with that. If you look at what you gave me it’s a good idea but it’s already complete. Like what you wrote can be a complete post in itself. I felt it was no room to wiggle. I like the idea of seeing future and past in a mirror. Do you want to use it? You got another?

          • Hahahaha. Ok lemme use it instead. Here is another : ” I did believe..yet I doubted. .what was left to be seen..solely unfounded. Where did the years run to..when did my eyes feel clouded..was it yesterday a child I was..and today am crippled with feeble knees”…

          • Yeah you making it complicated. I just want a creative opening or ending line. Something I can build off of or end with. Omggg you already did it??? 😟

          • Here’s another for you ” Don’t pick me up…I want to stand on my own two feets…am not crazy ..I just need to forget all those evil deeds…watch me leave but please don’t forget to go on your knees… the night is cold…but i would be home with some some goose and the cheese” ……..or ” the midnight cry from the battered bat…” Or ” the eyes of the heels…the sunset of the yellow skies” or ” I felt my heart stop…”

          • Umm…I’m just gone stick with the glass house thing lol. Like do you remember the opening line I said someone gave me for my last post? I could work with it cause it had “force field” and it was about ice cream toppings.

          • Hahaha.. well go ahead. …let’s see what you do. Yes I do. I wanted to give you an idea in your head so whatever you write should surround it. Either you use it as the intro , body or ending. I used it for the closing . I can think of a hundred stuffs to tell you… like “forgotten pieces” Let’s say it’s about a broken home. / ” dear creepy Mr “… let’s say it’s about the ghost in a house or ” the stranger in my bed , a lover in my heart “…. er an unfaithful wife….. so pick one

          • I couldn’t understand how you got into the road in the first place. Didn’t know if it was a dream or you slept walked into traffic.

          • Ok…. from the begining if you go back to read…you would notice at first she was under water. Dying Then she was on dry granite ground. Then she was hit by a truck..she was dying.Waking up in the morgue…buried six feet under…she was dying…waking up in the forest…dishevelled and a mess…walking to the road…seeing herself in the tunnel…Following the light. ..then she comes face to face…to the house. …point is. ..its as though she is walking through time…reliving how she died…in different times and phrases of her life…but yet she is alife and that’s what she doesn’t understand. The glasshouse was a mirror….An understanding and a revelation.

          • Lol. That was how the first death happened…
            That is how she died. By drowning. She began seeing all of it reliving her deaths from her 18th birthday

          • By the way…Thank you for dedicating it to me…I am extremely and utterly grateful . Imagine my reaction when I saw the post…I was like…”awww are you kidding me”.. and was showing my sisters..Lols. Thank you for making my morning. ..hehehe. I hope I didnt give you a hard time. Don’t mind mind is a world of its own…hehehe. looking forward to many more writeups from you..and our lil challenges. Cheers!!!

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