Tinny-B screamed  jumping up from the bed. She ran close to the Tv screen, then she fell to her knees ”Oh my God! Oh my God!! Oh my God!!!”
Live transmission was suddenly cut.
”No no no no!!!” she grabs her phone and dialed Alexandra’s number.
”Oh my God please no no no!!!!”
No answer .She dials Adam’s number. No answer either
”Oh my God who fell to the ground, who got shot!! Jesus no please let it not be Alex or Jaime or Adam or any of those innocent people my God no!!!” she is running down the stairs as she doesn’t get any answer.
She didn’t have Jaime’s number to call.
”Ma’am, Ma’am?” A security detail approaches her as she came running outside
”There was a gun shoot and..i — i –someone got shot and i– do –i don’t know who and i think someone is dead or..the the live feed has been cut and -oh my God you have got to take me there and-” she turns around, tears filing her eyes and and then treks down her face, she ran her hands through her hair ”You have got to take me there. My friend she-‘ she cries ”She may have been killed. or Adam or your Boss..someone was shot and i don’t know who and i just want to make sure..please, please” she cried.
”Ma’am, you have got to calm down” the security agent tells her trying to calm her down but she was getting hysterical as she continued to talk, her voice rising
”Calm down and let me get understand what you are saying? Some one was shoot and –”
Another security detail comes running towards them as he has his hands to his left ear ”Dickson, a situation at the Heritage premises, a gun went off and we don’t know who got shot. I am taking the two guys, stay here till you get word from me” He says running towards a car and two others run behind him entering the car with him.

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