Meet Stephanie Egberike (AKA) ItchyFingers

Stephanie Egberike is a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt, where she studied Sociology. She runs an Ushering and Events Agency based in Port Harcourt called ” De-vonte”.

When she is not busy chasing life and hustling on the bright side of the streets, she is a prolific writer, content developer and a creative story teller. 

She calls her fingers ”ItchyFingers” which she normally refers to as her AlterEgo. The Itchyfingers which she has no either whether it is a It/He/ or She so she refers to her fingers as all of the above. Lol.

ItchyFingers is a huge body of characters so that’s how she lets It/Him/Her talk and Viola..everyone gets to read it/her/his thoughts. That is how The Sweet Perspectives ”TSP” was born. A world of stories for the brooding mind of a writer whose fingers talks. Lol

So She and her ItchyFingers who is me by-the-way ..hehe.. writes creative short story series for on their African stories categories amongst others. , with some of her works featured on #Wattpad #Okadabooks and some other literal blogs like #PopsOnline and Facebook page ”TheWritersHub amongst a mentioned few. Oh hell you can just search for my name on Google and i hope it better pop up some of my amazing stories else we are going to have a talk.

Lol..sorry, Itchyfingers went lose there just now. Mind It/Her/It not.

So, where was I? This is Stephanie Egberike, by the way, just incase you are wondering. Lol

When she isn’t writing she is busy enjoying life, loving her family and being a free spirit.

She is a lover , a friend , a child , a bosslady, God’s own. And she likes to call her fingers “ItchyFingers”..

Oh darn! I mentioned that already, Oh never mind, enough about me, how about you just go read read read and read.

Just so you are warned..leave your inhibitions at the door and enter, i would not be responsible for what you read; i mean..the laughter, the love, the tears, the hatred, the mushiness and all that razz and jazz..

I am only going to forewarn you about the emotions that would let loose when you began to read and fall inlove with not just my characters that you would wish for your bliss, or maybe you can hate them because they make you cry..but whatever be the case…know this, i am here to make magic with words and to entertain you silly till all your teeth fall off.

Lol, I don’t mean that literally. Oh Blimey i am still yapping away.

ItchyFingers do you mind, allow me talk?

Oh..back, this is Stephanie Egberike…

No this is ItchyFingers here..and i just want to let you know….bring it on baby…i got loads of stories to tell. Come over to the other side, we have cookies. Bhuahahahahah

Oh dear Lord i give up. Let me just take a picture for the cameras since my Itchyfingers wouldn’t let me be great. click..

A big smiler and an indepth thinker, her fingers tell the stories and bring characters to life.

PS: I love you all already. Don’t read alone, bring a friend..hell bring all your friends, Foe and whatnot along…lets have fun.


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