#The Royals: Anna & Williams – CHP Twelve

He turns away..
”And now, The Princess and her suitor would walk down the aisle to be presented to the family and then the people of Worcestershire for their approval, there after they would take the first dance to usher all others to the hall.” The royal announcer says, then he beckons to them ”My lady, Sir Duke…please” He nods.
Williams looks far ahead into the hall and then the crowds of people, he could see his mother, hands clasps together in delight, and then the men of De Beaumonts family; his father with pride and his brother Adrian… their happiness was evident.
He saw Theodore, who gives him a weak smile and then a thumbs up ”You can do this” He mouths to him, he has a lopsided grin on…
Sure, he can pretend, this  is easy is it not? He says to himself

Whatever could go wrong.? Walk her down, show her off to those therein present, watch people clap and cheer and then the royal family glow with pride, pull her to himself and dance..swinging her to this side and then that, then thereafter, brush her knuckles with a kiss and maybe her cheeks and then glide away all through the night with her by his side and lose no moment to sing high praises of his wife to be and indulge others who would shower love and advice on them as it is the custom. Then come in Theodore, to be the man of the high to even sing more high praises and speak of the moment he, Williams first fell in-love  supposedly with the Princess, how his heat pulled and how he is planning to build a house with his bare hands so that she can have the house of their dreams, how they plan to have twins and maybe a fluffy white dog by their side, and finally, how they intend to grow old forever and bla bla blabadash..
Yes, what’s the worse that could happen today if not to adorn himself with an air of pretense and a plastic smile and try not to cringe from touching her.
Then he turns to stare at her again..really stare at her again as she smiled and waved to those who kept cheering at her.
If he didn’t know better, he would swear she was enjoying this..she had such a smile on her face that one would never suspect was fake, the way it made her eyes glow was a wonder.. was she such a cunning lass that she could pull anything off?
He continuous to stare at her.. as she waved and moved away from the entrance , drawing closer to him but remained poised at the top of the stairs, a few feet away from him.
There was a certain grace in which she carried herself, no doubt. She was dressed in an elegant, royal blue  dress, with ruffles which flowed  widely to the ground. If she were to twirl, she would make a beautiful feather-light glow.  A touch of shimmering gold accentuated her waist up to her bosom.  Her tiara made of white gold seated comfortable on her head.  She sparkled, beautifully and she knew it.

She had on a smile, one he couldn't tell if it was genuine or fake, just like his

She had on a smile, one he couldn’t tell if it was genuine or fake, just like his. But a smile nonetheless.
Then she stares at him again.
He suddenly, for the second time that minute, lost his breath. He looks away again.
”What is this?” he mutters underneath his breath as he looks at her again, was the witch trying to bewitch him with her beauty? The gods forbid.
There it was, the reasons for his plight. He had expected to see her and frown upon her distasteful character albeit without showing it. But here he was , unable to do that.
She stood tall, and she glowed. He lets his gaze roam through the  damsels that filled the hall, adorned in their finest and looked beautiful as they stood there, with their lads waiting to take a dance with them. They indeed went all out to look spectacular today.
He stares at her again, painfully observing.
There was something captivating about her beauty, such beauty he couldn’t not understand she could possess albeit her rotten foul attitude.
If he had to admit, every other lady she be stand beside would pale in comparison to her beauty, but he will not admit that.
Because if he did admit it, that means he would view her in another light, a light he would rather not view her in.
But this was nonsense, she may be beautiful, but her beauty can only bewitch other men who fancy spoilt lasses because of how rich their coffers are. He does not.
And he should not dwell on her beauty and forget that because of her, he is about to be forced into a marriage he rather not be in or would have no choice other than to stay away and leave the province and search for another life else outside of Worcestershire.. such life and his mishaps
He shakes his head clearing the cobwebs of her beauty away..
She may be beautiful and would likely turn  more heads than one, but any man who clearly fancies her does so on his own peril, she was  a pain, a cunning damsel, and it is sad that she be the Princess, the royal heir to the Worcestershire throne…and he would never marry Her. Never!
Argh! Why does he stare at me so, irritating man.
Least he can do is look without gawking at me like a fool! She turns away.
Why does she  feel hot all of a sudden though? She did tell mother that this dress was too thick did i not? Argh!
She stares down at everyone, catching her mother’s eyes and she didn’t miss her father’s proud smile.
There, look at them watching me from where they seat, happy that tonight, i would do my debutante down the hall to them with with a man, a man they think i would marry, a  man they have forced on me.
Argh! Oh my dearest parents, that would not be happening, not in this present day nor in the future, i rather be  a nun, tossed away in the mountains and made to eat leavened bread and honey than be married to that despicable manner-less man who has no regard for her nor for the crown that seats on her head.
To think that she have to bear tonight in pretense, allow him dance with her  and do not cringe if he as much as kiss her hands or cheeks is painful enough… 
But, it is your fault Father, and you too Mother for not listening to me. Since both of you dare to play games with my life, let me tap a little into your book of art and delve you a wonderful script, albeit impromptu thought-out but it would serve the purpose till you do not realize how played you were.
Tonight, i would smile my brightest, brush a hair of his shirt, cling to him and laugh happily at his praises, infact, i would give high praises of my own and bat my lashes when he stares at me, i would play the part of a coy damsel in love with my betrothed, and i would make you all believe that you have won.
Yes Mama, we shall play this game, a game the fool agreed to, why?
Because we do not want this alliance , we do not. One thing we have agreed upon without fights.
She frowns staring away, staring at the walls of the castle and then the servants that lined in, then into the crowd, the faces of damsels and and finely dressed men by their side, her family and families of debutantes..
She had never loved such gatherings; these kind of gatherings always fashions her to act in a certain way; You must  cutesy my Lady, You must take a bow Princess, do not eat as much as you want my Lady , it is gluttony if you do, and oh always smile and then speak only when asked as it is tradition that the men of the house is to speak first before the ladies of the house and you being a Princess, your father speaks first before you do my Princess.. and bla bla bla
Oh!..these parties were the worse and she had hoped she wouldn’t be part of the lot to debutante for this year.. She remembers the conversation she had with her Grandmother at the wee hours of the day.
”But you are of age my sweet dear”Grandma Cecil had come to her room at dawn to stare upon her as they pinned her hair and strap her layer by layer as they added finish touches to her dress, which she must admit was a beauty just laying on her bed.
”I think it is a ridiculous fashion Grandma Cecil, ladies to dress up and powder their nose and then tied themselves up in corset tighter than their tummies, walk as though they cannot breath and then to have on  plastic smile so that their escort dare not think they are not lady-material, and then for an entire evening, they dance, they cutesy,  they bow and laugh to silly nonsense and they get to be shown to the entire provinces who get to attend, they get to be shown like ripe apples to those who are willing to buy them and   then, they meet and greet while on their behalf, their parents begins to pick suitors for them. God forbid they do not fancy their suitor, they be forced, just like me and be whisked away after they be wed to a home they may eventually die out of sadness.”
Her grandmother stares at her ”You ungrateful Wrench, your parents picked out the best suitor there is and gifted you as a husband, you should be grateful”
”Thank you Mama Cecil, i bet you like Mama love this Williams too then, he has bewitched you with his boyish charms and looks and the aura in which he glides through like a Lord of some sort, yes?” She rolls her fingers and then her eyes. The maid pining up her hair hides a smile.
”’But do you not? Forgive me my sweet child, but your mother came whistling an happy tone that you have given our consent to be married to that young fine fellow. Her words was of high praises and she did say your eyes shone as bright as a star as you looked upon his happy face and you could hardly keep your smiles at bay..was that not the case, is that not the reason for the happy cheer around the house and the reason why this year’s debutante’s ball would be the talk of the history? The Princess of Worcestershire to debuntant and then she would also be introduced as a bride to the young son of the De Beaumont’s . A fine young man , a scholar who have traveled beyond the land and whose ideas and intelligence is yet t be seen from men his age…i hear the songs been sang of you both…or..are we to be mistaken?”
Darn! She forgot, pretense pretense…oh Lord.
She turns and smiles at her ”Yes Grandma Cecil, i think..i am just asking if you like him, my eyes may not be as sharp as yours and i would really want your blessings” She bats her lashes
”It has been given” She says quickly with a wave of her hands
”Why, you do not think before you give it? Is it how much you too want to be rid of me?”
”I do not need to” She says ” And i do think it is time to build your home and then birth children and i pray you do not birth a child like you who would be twice as rebellious as you were, but…it would give you an insight into how much you worried us so. But, but” she raises up her finger as she continuous to speak ”I have known the De Beaumont’s family for a long time my little wrench”
”It is Anna my lady mother”
”A wrench! You have cunning mischievousness in your eyes still, i do not know what for” She points at her
Annalisa smiles lowering her eyes as she claps her hands together in mock compliment  ”Ahh, Grandma Cecil thinks she knows me entirely through and through” She flutters her lashes
”I know you well as i know my daughter, you lot are the worst, but she, she was obedient to a fault and other times she never listens but you, a rebellious little Princes you have always been, giving me ache to my legs causing me to chase you more times than i can count, ..and when you climb up that tree and let your glory to the world to see”
Annalisa laughs ”I never let my glory to be seen, i always wear undergarments” She says with her nose turns up ”Those parts are delicate, is that not what Mama says?”
”Men undergarment! See how you disgrace your roots” Her Grandmother spat.
”You rather i have on  lingerie alone?”
”lingerie?” An eyebrow raises ”What sort of it is a lingerie?”
”Yes Grandma, it is thing, this lingerie , it is see-through, like a silk net and barely leaves anything to the imagination as it literally bares all for whoever to see in such dramatic kind of way my Lady-mother”
Her Grandmother covers her ears ”Oh those books, they are the devil’s words my child, i forbid you to read them still.”
”Maybe the devil would teach me a thing or two..i wonder, do you not think lovemaking is the devils act too? Yet Mama and Papa did it to birth me and you Grandmother Cecil,” She points at her startling her Grandmother and the maid who held pins to her hair and stifling a laugh bubbling from her inside ”You are the worst..you birthed Mama..and God knows how long you and Grandpa humped it on for those years you spent together, oh the heavens would blush if only they knew the sounds you made in your desire and how Grandfather, God blessed his son must have sang in such manly tone before he sprouted his see within you and-
”Oh my goodness!” her Grandmother was wheeled out the door by her fast hands before Annalisa could continue
She roars out in laughter clapping her hands and then covering her mouth ”Oh Grandma Cecil, you cannot stand me can you, a dreadful child i am, a wrench you say, well i like the devil’s romantic books..atleast, it would keep me busy in lonely nights when i dream of my Prince charming coming to whisk me away and we ride into the sunset and fall inlove and live happily ever after” she smiles laughing.
She stares at the Maid ”What are you trying not to laugh at, she deserved it, always being self-righteous. I love her but…sometimes she deserves a little teasing”
Ameryle had come in just then , to tell her that the hall was prepared and everything was in place and her mother wanted to make sure that her final fitting was going well as well as her hair.
She had starred at the mirror, a smile breaking out in her face ..”Indeed, tell mother i would look my best for my betrothed ..fret not” She says , i will surely look my best as i play this game of pretenses Mama, you just wait.
She sighs shaking the thoughts away from her head.
”My Lady, Worcestershire awaits!” The royal announcer calls again. ”Sir Duke, the entrance is yours.. allow me instruct the royal band to play and usher you beyond the stairs to your place as you go take blessings from the Royal family”
The band begins to play.
Here goes then,  Williams breaths as he nods, turning to her.
Williams steps closer to her, giving her his curved arm and waits as she links hers to him. He places his warm hand , over hers, bringing it to his lips, he brushes her knuckles with a feather-light kiss and then replaces it to his arm.
All for the pretense, is it not? He looks at her.
She smiles up at him, .
There, there it was again, that look, that look he knew all to well was  a fake, and yet…he could not deny it’s beauty. He turns away after a brief smile and then begin their descent down the aisle as everyone looked up to them, smiling, awed and clasps their hands together ..
As they continue to descend, the other debutants that lined the stairs begin to descend down with them, parting the way for them at the foot of the stairs, creating a large circle .
Donna, the  Queen smiles as they come to her..
”Your highnesses” Williams takes a bow, he lets go of Annalisa for a brief second to place a kiss to the Queen’s outstretched hand. The King nods his head as Williams bows before him and then held out his hand to his daughter who takes it and then brings it to her lips
”Father, Mother,” she curtsy
”Aww my beautiful child looking so radiant and royally …it is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. ” She places her hands to her cheeks ”Rise child,”
”Having presented themselves to the royal family, we plead their indulgence to see that they pronounce if they bless this union or do not” The royal announcer states loudly for all to hear
The King stands, beckoning them to come closer to him, they do, he stretches his hand and beckons that they place theirs in his. Williams exchanges looks with Anna, sighing quietly he takes her hand, and places it underneath his in her father’s hand, the Queen rises and then places hers over them.
”This day, infront of families and friends, well wishers and debutants, infront of the nine provinces here in present and the entire Worcestershire..we , the royal family and bearer of the crown do give our consent for our daughter be wedded to Williams De Beaumont and he would be an inlaw to the throne. We give our consent for courtship prior to the wedding and we allow that she be betrothed to him. And this day, we accept that he would be her companion going forward and only in his arms would she hold on to whilst she walks through this journey of life therein begins…and on this day, as her coming out for the dedutante ball, he would be her escort and he would lead her into a dance as her entrance into the society..leading all others into it as well.”
The announcer nods as everyone claps.
”That being pronounced , your Highnesses, do you bid this debutante ball open and allow them their first dance?”
The King nods ”We bid it open, and we allow them their first dance, here after, we would bless the damsels that have come to show themselves to the provinces and we pray that they find good matches for them all have we have found for our daughter…”
Everyone claps, the damsels hid their blushes.
”With the power vested in me, and the authority given herein, i declare this open…Your royal highness and Sir Duke Williams De Beaumont, let the floor tend to your heels”
Everyone else suddenly part a  wider space for them, the King and Queen return to their seats.
Annalisa smiles turning to him, leaning closer ”Do not step on my toe and keep a smiling face”
He turns to face her, linking his right hand to her hand hand and pacing his left hand to the small of her back while her left hand rests on his shoulders. He pulls her close, placing his face side by side hers so he can whisper in her ears, a smile to his face as everyone stared on, the band begins to play a lively ballroom  song.
”I will try not to, but pray, do not talk and give me orders. It is bad enough that i have to pretend to this charade, it is worse that i have to hold you near and perceive your horrid perfume and the smell of your skin, and i have to also smile..in pretense. It is too much, so please, do not give me orders…so dance, so we can be rid of this stares boring a hole in my back.”
”Oh goodness, do not speak to me that way Sir Jnr Duke De Beaumonts”
”Do not order me then my lady”
”I will do what i think is right”
He steps away from her, one hand to his back, he raises her hand over her head and then spins her around, he brings her back into his embrace, dancing side to side, as the music continues and the entire hall stares at them with smiles on their faces.
”And being right is speaking to me that way? I would think that you would learn a thing or two from the ladies who wait on you. They are modest and respectful..they would be good wives to the men they be married to, enjoy a happy home and give their husbands no cause for worry”
She scoffs ”They are respectful yes and they would even give respect to those who treat them wrongly., i am sorry but i am not that kind of a lady, i was raised to know my right and i would not tolerate any fool..no i would not, which means i would not tolerate you”
”So you call me a fool?”
”Yes indeed, a bigger fools than all the fools i have met in my entire life Sir Jnr Duke De Beaumonts..a fool you are! ”
He shakes his head with a stiff smile ”You know, if your father the King is not way over his head to get you to be married, he should have left you to rot in your bitter bile self so you can grow old and die alone. Because if it were left for you to sort out a man by yourself..i am sure no man  you find in his right senses would spend a day with you without running for the hills”
She laughs ”You think any man would refuse me? Me, the royal princess? You do not see how they all stare at me in this room with hunger in their eyes, hoping that i give them the time of the day. You do not see them praying that i was theirs or that i allow them or indulge them a moment? Do you not think i can make any man eat out of the palm of my hand..my royal delicate fair hand?”
”Maybe they are staring with pain in their eyes as your white diamonds blinds them. And no , no man i bet you would want you nor fall for you. They would not stand if they know what and who your truly are, which is all things wrong for a lady”
She smiles ”No, they desire me, each and everyone of them, and wish they were standing in your place. I am everything right my lord, something you are blind to see because of your black heart. Every man would wish be to be their bride.”
”If only they knew the bullet they have dodged. No man would dare court you. But your father being the king is forcing your down my throat because he knows that no man would take on you willingly…unless he be blinded by the wealth that comes from being your husband…a rather devious trait but…no real man in his senses would ever want you”
”Every man under the heavens would”
”I am under the heavens, i do not want you..i am a man..last i checked while i let our my bowels through my mushroom head”
Her cheeks burns as she closes her eyes and then opens them ”You should learn to bridle your tongue infront of a lady”
”And how would you know what i mean if your mind is not as polluted as the gutter, or maybe the Princess is not as chaste as everyone thinks she is or ought to be.”
She gasps ”I am chaste”
”The gods do not believe that and neither do i. How can a Princess who is chaste know how to make a man eat out of the palms of her hands if she be not in the line of the parlow women without morals.”
”I would not have you insult me with such thoughts, you will not!”
He scoffs ”I merely only state things as you play them out, it is not i who rightly said and i quote.. They desire me, they have hunger in their eyes and i can make them eat out of my royal delicate fair hands…” he mocks ”Chaste indeed! You are nothing less than those damsels who sneak out at night to be with lads without a remorse and by morning you put on your tiara and raise your head above others like you are a saint, you are no saint”
She folds her fist ”I swear to God-”
”Leave him alone, he is resting in the heavens , this is not his fight. Stop whining like a child looking to run to your Papa when you hit a wall, and mind you, i am an unbreakable wall and you would keep hitting it until you have the decency to acquire a little bit of sense and responsibility of a Princess…but if you refuse, i would meet you half-way tit for tat and let out more words as hurtful as your slap you see so fit to give me once or twice”
”Argh!!You say i exhibit such un-royal attributes and yet you think you are more saintly than i am? A man who deems it fit to speak down to a lady who is above him in class, in rank and even in person and  you dare say such vile things against me?”
”Vile? I dare say the truth,. From the moment we met, you have been nothing but an unpleasant taste in my mouth, one i cannot wait to spit out”
”You are a disgusting fellow, i swear to God if people were not watching right now, i would hit you hard across your face” she states angrily, leaning even closer to him ”And i do not care what you say about me, i would do it without any remorse and i would enjoy it”
He laughs ”Oh, such violent tendencies from the princess, God helps the man who decides to be a fool for you,God help him. You call yourself royalty? No Princess would be so vile and aggressive. Princesses are graceful, modest and respectful and you go against all of that, I cannot wait to be rid of this facade of pretense and be far away from you. ”
”I cannot wait to be far away from you too and wash my hands from your touch, it burns..you stink!” she stares up at him as she continue to dance.
He scoffs ”My touch to other women would make the burn in want, and the only reason it burns you is because  you are guilty of absurd behavior not suitable for a Princess and me the correcter of bad behavior makes you burn..that means you should change your ways before it kills you and make you into  a old bitter and angry hag”
”My behavior suits me just fine, and  the only reason is upsets you is because you cannot obviously control me like you would your other woman. Do not dare use such terms on me!” Her nose flares in anger.
He smiles shaking his head ”Very well, it does not change the fact that you may end up being like that, old and wrinkled and no one to love you. And speaking of women, I do not need to control my other women..They are submissive and respectful and no not need to have bile rising up from their throats and spewing nonsense just because. They are fair in beauty, their words polished before it leaves their mouths and their gait is graceful..and they may not be from a royal bloodline or are a heiress, but they treat people well. And i would take those women any day over the likes of you..my lady
”Look at you saying stupid thinks like saying i am not chaste and here you speak of women like this. You are the vile promiscuous fool!! Men like you are dogs my lord
”I am not promiscuous, and you say my Lord in a rather mocking way..”
”You said so yourself…your women” she turns up her nose ”A promiscuous fool you are. And yes, i am mocking you as you do when you say my lady with distaste”
He smiles stepping away from her and spinning her, tempted to let go of his hand so she can spin to her fall, he shakes his head bringing her back to him ”Sometimes my lady, my desire is to-”
”Harm me? I dare you!” her eyes sparks suspecting his intentions.
”Not harm-harm you, i am not the devil but maybe something to teach you a lesson, just a little …surely you can handle a little violence since you like to hit and lash out at men who you should be adoring”
”I can handle a little violence, but i repay in large folds and the only men i adore and would adore is my father and my beloved when i do be married to him and leave happily ever after. Bu until then, i repay a thousand folds to anyone who as much as cause a tent to me in any way or fashion.”
”Really my lady?” His eyebrows raises questionably.
”Really!” she states.
He spins  her again, bringing her closer to him, then staring into her eyes as he dips her, but instead of pulling her back up immediately as he would have ordinarily done, he lets her stay there in that posture, staring down at her , a mischievous glint to his eyes ”I wonder what would happen if i let go?” He tells her, giving her the impression as thought he was thinking about it, but he wasn’t, he had every intention of making good with his word.
Her eyes dims, she struggles to get up but he held her still in place, giving her no room to move unless she falls.. ”You would not dare such a devious thought, pull me back up”
”I might, and i may dare, what would you do my Princess? Scream and lash out for the whole of Worcestershire to see your worthless behavior?”
”Pull me back up, i order you” Her voice is firm.
He shakes his head ”Tsk tsk my lady, i do not do well with orders from a spoilt royal brat..” he dips her even lower, one of his hand supporting her back close to his knee and the other held one of her hand, while her other  hand digs into shoulders where she placed them while dancing.
”Pull be back up my lord, do not be a fool”
”I believe you said you do not like violence and right now, i have every need to be the fool, by letting go of your hand and watching you fall hard to the ground, with  a loud thud and watch how you may roll all the way to the other side as the world watches on..
Oh my goodness! the talks and gossip that would go on for days of how the Princess fell  to her disgrace while dancing  would be the talk of the kingdom, and then the speculations of how clumsy she is infront of her dashing betrothed and how this and that..and you know how the ladies from the parlor love a good twist, they may say something as scandalous like she may be with child and the dancing made her faint and they may insinuate that the child is not mine which is obvious and that since you like to explore the mountains and climb the trees you may have fallen for a cave man who have put you in the family way and you have dared to say the child is mine and the gods is working against that.
Oh oh my, what if they say such things as the Princess is possessed with the spirit of the roaring banshee? Or no..maybe they may exclaim about how horrid your undergarments are as you rolled away showing all to Lads and Damsels about and that it was a disgusting sight, or maybe-”
She blinks ”Do be quiet , i order you to pull me up at once” she holds onto him tighter.
He shakes his head, bringing his face lower and closer to her ”I will l let go now” He looses his grip on her, she holds on to him even tighter
”Do not be a fool, PUT ME BACK UP, or i swear to God” her eyes shone with anger
”You are at the receiving end my lady, i do not think you are in he position to give orders…Oops!” he fakes as though he was about to drop her, she gasps
He laughs.
”Aww, look how taken he is of our daughter my lord, see how they glide through the dance and laugh and talk..or, young love is beautiful” The Queen exclaims as she touches her cheeks
”Indeed, but why does he dip her for a long?” he stares at them
”There are in the moment my King, see how he stares at her, talking to her and see how she holds him…i wonder what he is saying to her that has her griping. Oh,would he kiss her?”
The King laughs ”Surely, they have not gotten to that stage of perking my lady, they only recently agreed to be ,married…a thing of surprise to me still” he frowns ”Do you not think that it was sudden my queen?”
”What do you mean?”
”I mean, they fought all the time they were together, and looked for ways to get under their skins, and one day, one day it all changed…and quickly too, and they had a different aura to themselves..do you not think it was too sudden?”
She laughs shaking her head ”I hear, people may take a life time to find the one they love, others may take lesser and others might find love in t he most unlikeliest of places and from the strangest of people. I believe my King that, if they had met on their own, she would have been taken to him from day one, but..it is our fault. we forced them together and wanted them to do what we wanted and when we wanted. So they hated each other…but i believe that day when they were alone, with no one to force them to do anything…they talked and realizied that just maybe, they were meant to be and the hate was not there …and..here they are, two love birds dancing to the music of love and…oh Jacob, he is staring into her eyes, the silence of everyone is deafening, he would kiss her surely…oh, my cheeks burn”
The king laughs, so did she.
Adrian is standing beside his father and mother, who is happily watching them dance, everyone’s attention is drawn to the posture of the bending Williams and how he has her in his arms dipped towards the ground and he is staring into her eyes, speaking to her in words that cannot be heard and she clinging tighter to him as though her life deepened on it. His mother is gasping, his father is holding her hands..people are talking, some saying that maybe he desires to kiss her infront of them all..
Everyone seems to be waiting for that moment.
He cocks his head to the side.
 Was he just him or it didn’t seem just the way everyone is thinking. Infact it seems as though there was some tension…
He felt a pretense, it was Theodore ”Theo, is it just me or that,whatever is happening over there that have everyone on standstill in not what it seems?”
Theodore looks at Williams and the Princess. He remembers what he and Williams talked about he  playing a role in their pretense. That meant he would not in anyway allow anyone doubt him, especially his family and his job was to ensure the believe the pretense to be genuine. He smiles ”It is exactly what everyone seems my lord”
Adrian shakes his head ”No , it is not. It looks forced, see how she grips him, it is out of fear..or..”
”No, it is out of love, see how he stares at her, he may desire to kiss her and only delaying is because he is considering if he is man enough to do it infront of the entire kingdom”
Adrian shakes his head again ”No, i do not believe it. Infact, i do not believe all of it. I have been thinking of how suddenly Williams changed his mind from hating her to wanting to marry her”
Theodore smiles ‘Love changes people Duke Adrian”
”Nooo..well yes..but this is my brother; i remember how angry he was when he heard of  the alliance and how much he fought against it, but overnight, he is preaching love of the seven seas and cannot wait to marry the Princess he so dearly hated at some point. Make me understand -”
Theodore nods cutting him ”I believe that Willy boy have been bewitched by her beauty, you know, he told me that..while they were alone, and they spoke, he suddenly realized how beautiful she was, and intelligent and graceful. They began by admitting that their hatred for each other was born out of the fact that their parents took away their will and were forcing them to be with someone they didn’t know and didn’t choose. But, they did talk and they  did find similar likeness for themselves and then, he said to me that he couldn’t believe that he saw her in a different light before. Oh Adrian, your brother have met his Achilles heel, you should be happy, everyone would be happy..all would be well. They be wed and live happily”
”But…see , look, ”He cocks his head to their direction ”See how  they are..or is it my  vision  that is impaired that i see things differently from whence i stand?”
”Yes i believe so ”Theodore looks around, searching for her face in the crowd ”Come, let me find your missus, maybe she should allow you suckle on her bosom a little, i hear the milk from a woman’s bosom would clear any impaired  visions of the eyes”
Adrian smiles ”Do not be a fool. But why does he keep her like that for long?”
”Ahh, the tension it builds for others, Willy boy sure knows how to make the world stand still. Let us sing then and propel them to act fast.  kiss kiss kiss!” he softy chants and then laughs
Adrian shakes hiss head  as a smile curves at the corner of his mouth. Maybe his vision were impaired and maybe, just maybe he is wrong. Williams may have fallen for the Princess and that is why he suddenly changed his mind and wants to marry her.
Maybe, he may even kiss her as he hold he still like that . ”Kiss kiss kiss” He softly chants with Theodore. The both laugh.
Sissie Veronese watches them from where she stood, ”Oh Lord, what is happening there? i wonder” she takes her hands to her lips.
”Why do your fret, what has the lord done that you call upon him my sweet cousin, you fret who what ?” Philip came to stand beside her after walking through the crowd to pick up two classes of wine for himself and then her.
She doesn’t answer.
”Why do you fret and for whom?”
I fear for them and that they may end up fighting in front of everyone. It surely looks as though they are in a heated argument, but why does he hold her to the ground like that, as though, as though…oh, this would be very bad,
”I do not fret…i am just, oh Philip i do not know” She answers.
He stares at the Princess and the Duke, as did everyone else ”Why does he hold her still so?”
”He is maybe captivated by her beauty and cannot seem to let go of her, such love in those eyes”she sates to her cousin. He chuckles.
”Right. He should stand her up, and i maybe bid myself to her for  dance”
”You would do no such thing” she points at him
”I shall and i will, she did invite me as she did request for a dance, surely you would not think that i would refuse the royal Princess her request”
”A princess who is to be married to the man who holds her in his arms?”
”A man who looks to me to be struggling with that dip. i can dance my sweet cousin and i would move effortlessly with her and sway her from side to side and if i wear to dip her, it would be graceful and i would stand her up with a kiss…”
”Dream on dear Cousin, dream on.”
”I do not dream. I am here for the Princess, and i assure you i would sweep her off her feet”
”And then what? Marry her? You think that would be ever possible?”
”You never know. imagine me being her husband sweet cousin, it would be the most beautiful thing ever.”
She rubs her temple ”Oh Philip, do not venture down a path that would lead you no where..she is to be married and she would not  be a fooled. Infact, i do believe that she loves her soon-to-be-married.”
He scoffs ”Did not sound that way, infact she kept saying that she is not married yet and that sounds like she does not care or that she may very well not love him”
”You do not know that”
”I know she is not yet married to the Duke” he winks at her
”That is true”
”So there is room for competition. And then she loves my eyes and seem delighted to see me anything we are opportune to meet”
”That s true”
”Then, why should i not dream?”
She touches his cheeks ”Dreams and fairy-tales are left for children and you dear cousin are far from one. Leave the Princess alone, there are fair damsels at your reach within  and outside the palace…do not place her eyes on this one” she turns away.
Philip smiles ”It is her my eyes centers on and i would have my dance” he continues to smile and i would ensure that she falls for me…and rid herself of her Duke.”
”Get me up” She hisses, her anger showing.
”Fine! Apologize to me for all the wrong you have said and also say please respectfully”
”I would do no such thing” She states firmly .
He nods, making up his mind. ”Fine!” he lets her go, she gasps.
So did everyone else.