Sorry Lovlies

How are you all doing today?
I know i haven’t posted in a while but please bear with me, i am so sorry, i would post soon.
I am working on my website because we have been having some technical issues but not to worry, it would be fixed soon.
In the main time, kindly follow me on wattpad by searching for my name ”Stephanie Egberike” . So when the next chapter of The Royals; Anna & Williams ” (And other stories) comes up you won’t miss it.

Or follow my page ”The Sweet Perspectives ” on facebook so you don’t miss a post.
We are working to transfer this site to a new domain so just bear with us.  But follow me on wattpad and on facebook . Next chapter would be posted in a day or two.
You can also find read my other stories on www.madivas,com, click on the search bar ”Fiction” , and use the search bar and search for my name ”Stephanie Egberike”, and then viola, a small collection of my works are there, you can enjoy.
On-going story ”In too deep waters”, it is still on-going and you can find it in fiction.
Upcoming story ”Rose” , this would be featured in
Once we are fully back up with the site, we would finish up with the Royals.
Upcoming stories to look out for ”The Midnight Lover” and ”Hey Four Eyes ” Yes, in am going to complete them”
Thank you so much for your patience, much love.