#TheRoyals:Anna&Williams -CHP 11

She clears her throat, Annalisa opens her eyes, removes her head from his shoulders and looks up, her eyes warms up.
”Mother, oh..father, my goodness, i didn’t realize you all are standing there. I feel so embarrassed” she lowers her lashes ”I and Williams should be embarrassed”
Williams releases his hands from her waist and lets it slide to her hands, he links his hands to hers and then stares at them ”My apologies your royal highnesses, mother, father..we didn’t realize anyone was there”
”Oh do not let us stop you. We were scared that you both would be at your necks bickering like children, imagine our surprise to see you both, in an embrace, oh it was a lovely sight” Donna touches her cheeks and then smiles at the Duchess ”Oh my sweet Annalisa may have found her soul mate, see how they have just blended..it is a miracle my Jacob” she touches the King’s hands which he squeezes

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