#The Royals: Anna & Williams – Chp Fourteen

Williams steps forward ”Who are you, what do you intend to speak about concerning the Princess?” He is curious.
Theodore steps closer with him, staring at the rather handsome man before them. He too was curious .
Philip smiles ”I am Philip Venodor, Viscount of Bavador, my parents are the relatives of the Baroness Mamadora, and my lady Sissie Veronese is a distant cousin of mine.”
”Sissie Veronese?” Williams asks ”Your cousin?”
”The red witch you mean?” Theodore scoffs
Philip frowns ”Do not insult my lady i beg you good Sir”
Theodore raises his hands in the air ”I meant no offence, ”
”Mind my friend not, he jokes with his mouth but it does not come from his heart. He is a good fellow, he means no harm.”
”I just wonder about the horrid color she choose for her hair, that is all. My apologies Philip of Venodor”
Philip sizes him up and then nods ”accepted” He looks to Williams
”Speak Sir, of what issue do you desire to speak to me about with the Princess..?”
Philip clears his throat ”Can we speak alone, man to man ?”

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