#The Royals: Anna & William -CHP1

”Annalisa-Jane Jacob, come down from that tree at once!!!!!” Her mother who had been passing the garden with her maidens bellows.
Annalisa-Jane laughs, ”A minute mother, I am trying to get that fruit, it is so high up there and your servants are such klutz, dancing around like unfed chicks. Just give me a minute and I will be–”
”Annalisa, I will not repeat myself!!”
Annalisa ignores her mother and continues to climb the tree, all dressed up in her long gown and her hair packed in a shimmering bun. She reaches for the red apple lying on the side of the tree, dangling and glowing with the red sun. It was the only one left. The others were lying scattered on the grass bed like disjointed army guards. Her maidens were stuffing them into a basket. She reaches for it but can’t get to it. ”Oh Blimey!!”She exclaims.

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